Still Seeking Distraction Election +5 #2

Louise owns a cabin a few minutes from the prime ski area just an hour outside Seattle. Her son Matt is doing some repairs on the cabin and building a real bathroom on the back, not just a chemical toilet. Louise and her late husband Al used to visit in the summer to pick huckleberries and to hike. These days the cabin is mostly used for family who come to ski Alpental.

She and I took a Saturday drive to see how the work was coming along, and to check out the woods. I’m a Jersey shore girl, with no history of hiking or camping. But I can see and feel the beauty, and the woods are soothing in a different way from the crashing waves and long sand beaches of my childhood.

In the winter, the cabin is surrounded by feet and feet of snow. There’s an escape door up in the cupola in case the front door is barricaded by drifts — even though the cabin is elevated on stilts. You need chains to get to this area in the winter, so even though I’d like to see the place in the snow I think it won’t actually happen.





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