Go Hawks! Election +5 #1

Joyce is a regular reader and my daughter-in-law Amy’s aunt. All the Dahlstroms are big Iowa football fans, and on Friday Amy flew to Iowa to be there for the Saturday evening Iowa v. Michigan game with her dad and brother. Earlier on Saturday, the family visited Aunt Joyce and Uncle Ray. I’m a big fan of the importance of aunts and uncles in the next generation’s lives, and I love the thought of Matt taking care of the kids so Amy can have time with her Iowa family.

Joyce knows how distraught I have been over the election, and was kind enough to send me this. I love the pic, and these very special Iowa Hawkeyes fans make my heart smile.

Iowa won 14-13, which counts as an upset. Sara is a Michigan fan, having graduated from the Ross School for her MBA. She roots for her home team, but I know she was happy for Amy to get a win in this big game.


2 thoughts on “Go Hawks! Election +5 #1

  1. Gosh we all had a good time as we gathered with Price and Kris at their house for lunch before the game. Glad Amy got to see an Iowa victory.

  2. for Joyce: When we’re all spread out around the country, it’s precious to create times when family can be together. And what better time than to celebrate an upset Iowa victory!

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