Election Day +4 #2: Who Tempers the Fear?

I like CNN contributor Van Jones. He’s passionate, articulate, intelligent, and utterly distraught at Trump’s election. Although I haven’t been watching CNN — or any of my other news shows — I did catch a clip of him and Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany mixing it up a couple of days after the election. Jones was talking about the fear in African American and Muslim communities, and McEnany broke in to say people like Jones needed to help put down the alarm. Jone reacted sharply, telling her to back off.

I’m in agreement with Van Jones. The Trump voters got what they wanted. They voted him in; now they are responsible for what he says and does. If they are concerned about African American and Muslim communities, they need to learn how to reach out to those constituencies. If Trump world doesn’t like students marching against the new president-elect, they need to find some way of engaging.

There’s irony indeed, for a Republican party that rode to victory by denying President Obama’s legitimacy and attempting to block him every day for eight years, to now expect the other 50% of the voting public to get behind Donald Trump. Hillary won the popular vote, which is small comfort but does tell us that the country remains divided into two angry camps. Does anyone really see Trump a conciliator? He didn’t win the election that way. He didn’t run his business that way. He doesn’t lead his life that way.

I’m going to miss President Obama a lot. Pundits say that Trump is going to begin on day one to erase the Obama presidency. Do you know what? He can’t. He can abrogate our treaties, dump climate change accords, throw 20 million people off the health care rolls and call it a Republican victory, and name a right-winger to the Supreme Court. But history will treat President Obama with the dignity and respect he deserves, honoring his integrity, his grace and intelligence, and for his advocacy of one America, undivided. No one will ever say those things about our vain, vacuous new head of state.

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