Election Day +4 #1: Being Adored

The one constant in Donald Trump’s expansive narcissism is his need to be constantly adored. He loved the rallies on the campaign, with red-hatted supporters chanting his name and the less savory rants of “lock her up”. 

Presidents are not especially adored. Indeed, a favorability rating of 50% is considered really great. Of course, Trump can simply ignore the polls. They were wrong in predicting his defeat; they could be equally wrong in measuring how much the people of American like what he is doing.

But it’s hard to ignore young people demonstrating in our largest cities, chanting “not my president”. At first, Trump tweeted out that it wasn’t fair — his thin skin on full public view. By morning he’d sent a different tweet, praising them for participating in democracy. I wonder who wrote that one? His surrogate, Rudy Giuliani, stuck to his guns. The demonstrators are crybabies.

This dynamic of Trump needing constant stroking will be interesting to watch as his presidency unfolds. I’m quite sure it will make a difference; just not sure how.

2 thoughts on “Election Day +4 #1: Being Adored

  1. I hold hope in the fact that mid-term elections for the House of Representatives are in two years. Once again we will have the chance to work and vote for candidates who hold our convictions. Those elections often don’t turn out the voters in large numbers. They must this time.

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