Election Day +3 #4: Hard Parental Conversations

All of the households in Klainer West are unsettled by the election, and five year old Archie is old enough to sense something going on. Mommy and Daddy simply explained that Hillary didn’t win, and that the man who won upsets them because he uses bad words and says mean things about people.

Archie is part of a rambunctious little group of 4 and 5 year old boys at daycare who have taken to calling each other and occasionally a grownup “poopyface”. There is a concerted effort at home and school to, as we say, redirect the behavior. Archie is puzzled. He knows he gets in trouble for calling people poopyface. He doesn’t understand why a grown-up can say mean things and not get in trouble.

I see this as the first of many hard conversations parents are going to be having with their children during the Trump presidency. You know the Donald and Billy on the Bus tape is out on the Internet forever, for any school child to find when he Googles “Donald Trump”, perhaps to do a research report on the next president.


4 thoughts on “Election Day +3 #4: Hard Parental Conversations

  1. for J: I can’t imagine the conversation when one of yours comes across the Donald and Billy on the Bus video online.

  2. Already happened. It was all over that it was hard to monitor them NOT seeing it. I did have one do a whole PowerPoint or google doc drive for school about trump and Hillary and who to vote for. She had bullet points and good statements to back up her not wanting to vote for trump. I did make her rephrase some statements….crazy what they hear and can get access to online. And the funniest part was at the end it said ” if you vote for Trump your a chump”. Gatta love a girl like that!

  3. for J: Can’t imagine the conversation around that video — can’t imagine you or M. tolerating that kind of talk from your son or those attitudes toward women. Love Miss K’s slogan!

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