Election Day +3 #3: Pardon?

The question of a presidential pardon for Hillary Clinton hangs in the air. I hope President Obama goes ahead and issues it, not because I think Hillary has done anything to warrant criminal prosecution and a pardon. But I think President Obama should pre-empt the worst instincts of the incoming Trump administration. Can you think, no matter how hard you try, of four more venal and vindictive men than Trump, Gingrich, Guliani, and Christie? I call them the Ten-Wives-Between-Them-and-Counting Club. Trump is quoted as saying he thinks women should be treated like shit. The others, by their behavior, act out toward women in precisely that way. Not Chris Christie? Try reading the accounts of his throwing a water bottle and shouting at his fall-girl in the Bridgegate scandal, Bridget Anne Kelly.

So, President Obama, take the chant of “lock her up” off the table. Don’t rely on Trump’s decency and larger view of the responsibilities of a leader. Let the braying wolves howl, then turn toward other prey — as you surely know they will.

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