Election Down to the Wire

I keep trying to understand what is at the core of the anger propelling Donald Trump’s candidacy. On Sunday morning, Fareed Zakaria’s GPS hosted a panel that included Professor Danielle Adams of Harvard. She suggested that America is in turmoil because we are entering an era where no ethnic group is dominant. For white voters, especially white male voters who feel dispossessed in the current economy, sensing diminished  political power is a call to war.

I don’t know what to do about that. I really don’t. I think about my own marriage; Jerry came from a starkly traditional household, with his father Max a dominant figure. With that as a model, Jerry was nonetheless able to adjust to a more egalitarian division of power in our marriage. I think in some ways he was relieved that he wasn’t as locked in as his father was. But supposing the new model doesn’t look attractive — it looks like loss, with no gain? Apparently a very large number of white men feel that way.

Who can speak to angry white men, and to the 35% of women who support an authoritarian male like Donald Trump?

The absence of a clear way to defuse that anger is what has me so concerned about November 9th and beyond.


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