Director Comey and the FBI

Clearly a number of FBI agents — choosing to be Trump supporters ahead of their obligations to impartial justice — have lost their focus. If they are leaking information to Mayor Guliani, these agents have clearly set aside their integrity, ethics, and professionalism in favor of dinging Secretary Clinton. After the election, regardless of the outcome, someone will have to work hard to restore the integrity and impartiality of the Bureau. I personally doubt that can be Director Comey. He should never have briefed Congress in the first place on the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s email server. Then, his bombshell letter ten days ago clearly affected the race, and he was determined to do it despite the counsel of AG Loretta Lynch that he was contravening longstanding Justice Department practice. Now, he says, “No change to the initial conclusion.”

Director Comey doesn’t belong front and central in the final weeks of the race. He’s put himself there through his own actions. Now, we need someone with better judgment and less ego to take the Bureau from here.

2 thoughts on “Director Comey and the FBI

  1. It was disheartening to see the Director make such an obvious political move that certainly had ramifications. Even more so was that Rudy Giuliani alluded to it before the letter was released and has made it clear that FBI was pro Trump. Makes you wonder…

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