Inching Toward November 8

For those of us horrified by the ugliness Trump has unleashed, November 8 can’t come soon enough. I’m hoping for Hillary win. I no longer think that will end the vicious rip tides of misogyny, racism, and xenophobia that have been set in motion and continue to roil our democracy. Neither does Quartz.

“If Donald Trump loses on Nov. 8, a great many people in both America and elsewhere will breathe a huge sigh of relief. But the truth is there won’t be that much to be relieved about.

In the US, Trump’s influence will linger. His campaign showed that a politician can spew outright lies and blatant hate-speech and still retain support. Others will follow his example, and even moderates will be less afraid of the truth-o-meter. That will intensify social media’s echo-chamber effect and further shrink America’s capacity for serious political debate.

Trump also convinced lots of voters (who admittedly didn’t need much convincing) that American judges are biased, the media tell only lies, elections are rigged, and no branch of government is to be trusted. Whether the Republican party falls apart in the wake of Trump’s defeat or is rejuvenated, it will have this alienated, angry bloc of voters to contend with. If he wants it, the unofficial role of Republican kingmaker will be Trump’s for the taking.

Outside the US, too, Trumpist attitudes have been taking root, perhaps buoyed by his success. Xenophobia is sweeping Europe, as evidenced by the Brexit vote, the proliferation of new border fences, and the gains by far-right leaders in a variety of national elections. World trade is slowing and protectionism is on the rise.

No matter who wins, then, the next president will take office in an increasingly Trumpian world. That is perhaps the Donald’s true victory: that ideas that a year ago seemed beyond the pale are now increasingly accepted as a normal part of politics.Gideon Lichfield”

Ariel Dorfman, writing for the Atlantic, has a challenging question for all of us: Will America Earn the Right to Survive? Worth reading, especially if you are entertaining the thought that a Trump victory wouldn’t be so bad.


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