New Hillary Emails

I’m basically disgusted at the whole election process, totally at the Republicans for nominating someone as unsuitable as Donald Trump, but also at the Democrats for not vetting the Hillary email issue more and getting it out of the way before the election. Nothing that comes out now is going to change my view that a vote for Trump is unthinkable. And I’m monumentally annoyed at this grenade thrown into the process so close to the election.

Most of all I’m disgusted by the politicization of the FBI. We used to have some degree of confidence that the judicial branch of government was focused on fact and fairness, not on weighting the scales in favor of one party or another. The Supreme Court is now clearly divided between Republican justices and Democratic justices — how disappointing is that? Now we have the FBI jumping into the political fray. For Director Comey to throw red meat into the howling den of Republican wolves without knowing whether anything in the new emails is relevant is highly suspect. What a mess he has created.

We limp toward November 8, with the Republican braying about a rigged election only to increase. The vote can’t come soon enough.

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