New Biz Cards

I haven’t had biz cards since I retired and moved to Seattle, but people have been asking for them during the book events. When I had my Professional Planning Associates Inc. cards printed, we had them designed and then generated by a Rochester print shop — seems to me they were quite expensive.

This time around, I used They had standard formats, an easy upload of my current author photo, and a choice of colors for the back that fortunately worked. I left off my address, which is the thing most likely to change, but put my other contact info. The cards were quite inexpensive but the quality is very high — exceeds my expectations by a fair amount. I only got 50, so in a next printing I’ll think of something to put on the back of the card: maybe the titles of my books, or a quote. But for a first round, I’m happy and good to go.


4 thoughts on “New Biz Cards

  1. for Lynne: You know that if I lived in NJ I’d be in your poetry class, and my writing would be the better for it. Thank you for a wonderful week, and especially for sharing your students.

  2. for Katie: I Googled “best sites for biz cards” and read the pros and cons of each site. I decided to try, and I’m very happy with the quality. VistaPrint does great cards too. Lots of good options.

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