Back in the Groove

Update: Amelia Berenice Fries was born to my niece Suzanne and husband Jeremy early Monday morning. Six pounds. Mother and baby doing well. Congratulations to the new parents, new grandparents, and to everyone who will surround this little girl with love. Berenice is Suze’s paternal grandmother’s name: Berenice was Jerry, Paul, Amy and Sheila’s mother, and my mother-in-law. I never met her; she died the year before Jerry and I were married. But everyone who knew her spoke of her warmth and intelligence and fortitude, her dedication to family and her faithfulness to those she loved. I wish those qualities for her new great-granddaughter, baby Amelia.


I flew out of Newark Airport before 7am on Sunday, and with the three hour time difference I was back in Seattle shortly after 10am — in time to get back to my apartment, drop my stuff, and meet Sara for brunch around 11am. Good thing — she has a recruiting trip to Boston later this week. Usually she goes to the Ross School at Michigan — where she got her MBA — but the Harvard trip didn’t have enough interviewers so Sara got pulled onto that team. The timing is fortuitous. My niece Suzanne and husband Jeremy are awaiting the birth of their daughter. With any luck, YaYa will be the first member of Klainer West to greet the new addition to Klainer East!

Sunday was a warm and beautiful fall day here, so I did some afternoon exercise — even though I was up at 4:15am and my body was protesting mightily. I did better getting my exercise in this trip than I did in Rochester, but I’m far from up to speed. That’s a goal for this week, along with seeing the grandkids, Amy, and Matt, getting ready for Halloween, and preparing to meet Ben’s father and wife for the first time over Thanksgiving.

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