November 9th

I think we all wonder what will happen on November 9th, the day after the election. I’m hoping for a Hillary win, and that Trump supporters — without his constant goading — will fade back into day to day life. That doesn’t mean I think they’ll be happy, or regain faith in the American system of democracy. I just hope they don’t dig in their heels and look for the next demagogue around which to rally.

If Trump wins, I’m among those who fear for the future. A Politico article by Yascha Mounk reminds us that democracy is actually quite fragile, and depends upon the consent of the governed and those who govern. Trump, as we know, holds none of that as a value. He’s also endlessly vindictive, having threatened not only to jail Hillary but to sue the women who have accused him of being a sexual predator.

I’ve never been a Republican, and don’t ever expect to be. But I do believe we need two strong political parties. I’m pulling for sane Republicans, after what I hope will be a definitive loss, to find a way to reconstitute their party in a way that offers a reasonable alternative. Otherwise, we’ll be in for a whole series of Donald Trumps, and eventually one of them will win.

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