President Obama Having Fun

President Obama has had a real slog with Republicans. Mitch McConnell greeted President Obama’s election with the vow to make him a one term president. When that failed, Republicans dug in and refused to cooperate with the President in any way. Republicans have been outright disrespectful to the President, and to Mrs. Obama. Throughout, the President has never lost his essential civility, never responded in kind.

There have been some nail-biting moments in this bitter presidential campaign. But now, things are looking up for Democrats, for Hillary Clinton, and for President Obama’s legacy.

Yesterday I saw him on CNN speaking in Florida, at a campaign rally. He was roasting Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, and having fun with it. I’m glad. I hope he has more chances to speak out; he’s a wonderful orator. He has that black church cadence, when he wants to use it, that Martin Luther King had. We heard the cadence when President Obama eulogized those killed at Mother Emmanuel Church. I heard it here, in the speech in Miami.

I think the President deserves every moment like this that he can now have.

2 thoughts on “President Obama Having Fun

  1. I like watching him speak too, something about his cadence and tone make me want to hear him. Not many public speakers can get you to want to hear them. He’s probobly so excited to be done soon!

  2. for J: I can’t wait to see what he and Michelle do from here. I’m going to miss them in the White House.

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