Writing Life: Different Kinds of Feedback

Comments on Good Daughter Good Mother are coming from a lot of perspectives. Some are people who know me and, before anything else, want to be supportive of my great effort in writing a memoir. Some are people who are curious about Panama, and focus on those chapters with relatively little attention to the mother/daughter themes. Some are interested in writing a memoir, and pick up my book as one model of how it might be done.

Some who read and comment do so from the perspective of serious readers, as is the case with Farah, who left her remarks in the Comment section.

I don’t know how many people read a lot any more. I do. Lots of my friends do. One of my purposes in speaking to students at the College is to affirm the culture of owning and reading books, not getting all of your information from news feeds or God forbid, the brevity of twitter.

I love hearing how serious readers liked the book. Thanks to Farah, who with her husband Adil was a guest at the Rochester GVC event.

Wow Pam wow! I read a lot and am rarely so affected by words as I was by yours. Your book is so very beautifully written. Simple and raw. I sensed no ego only love. Congratulations on being able to move me. Thank you.”

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