Travel Day

If you read my blog first thing on Monday morning, I’m likely on a UAL flight from Sea-Tac to Newark, where I will pick up a rental car and drive to Convent Station, home of the College of St. Elizabeth. This is my second big book trip of the fall, and I have several events planned for each day that I’m on campus. Can’t say for sure how and when I’ll post, but I will — taking you along with me for the duration of this experience.

As I said about the Rochester trip, I’m overwhelmed by the depth and honesty of the conversations that are taking place around Good Daughter Good Mother. This is making the experience of writing a memoir so much richer than anything I could have anticipated. For those of you who have the vaguest inclination to set your story down, I highly recommend taking the risk.

4 thoughts on “Travel Day

  1. It will be interesting to discuss your book with college kids. They might see something in the memoir that sheds new light on it. Enjoy.

  2. for J: thanks. Have arrived safely at my destination, a hotel just outside the campus. See tomorrow’s post for my adventure with rental car!

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