Trump Denial

Mike Pence has apparently said he doesn’t understand the basis for Michelle Obama’s speech. Really? That’s all I can say. Really?

On Thursday evening CNN interviewed both the woman Trump assaulted on the plane, and her friend, to whom she had told the story. They are about my age. When asked why the woman didn’t speak up sooner, the friend said, “We just didn’t — you were taught not to make waves.”

As I’ve written about before, after Jerry died I joined the Genesee Valley Club in Rochester to make business entertaining easier. One night, newly widowed, I was there in the bar, waiting for my guests. A longtime member, owner of a nursing home chain in Rochester and a significant donor to the UofR, came up next to me and ordered a drink. Suddenly, he grabbed my should, pulled me toward him and kissed me on the lips. He made some kind of Trumpian comment about loving beautiful women, got his drink, and walked away. I was frozen. GVC is not the kind of place where you make a scene, like slapping a prominent member. But I wish I had.

A few days later, I asked to speak to the chair of the board, whom I knew. He listened, and then said, “Come on. Everybody knows he’s like this. You’re a big girl. You can take care of yourself.” I am and I can — but not in that moment. I was simply stunned, and for the relevant few moments, immobilized.

I wish I’d made more of it. With the storm of accusations against Trump, and Roger Ailes and their ilk, I hope all of us resolve – right now — to make more of it whenever it happens, no matter who is the culprit or where the offense occurs.


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