“Being a Regular”

You’re a regular at a favorite breakfast haunt when someone brings your coffee seconds after you sit down and when the server says, arriving shortly after, “You don’t need a menu, do you?”

The Klainer family has always held “regular” status at breakfast places, first at the Highland Park diner in Rochester and then, after Jerry died, adding the Frog Pond. Jerry wasn’t a fan of Park Avenue dining spots because it was too hard to park.

You can be a regular at more than one place.

Here in Seattle I’m a regular at an eatery less than two blocks from my apartment. They know I drink a lot of coffee with breakfast, so fill my cup every time someone passes by without even asking. The know I am following a no-carb, no-dairy eating plan — called Whole30 — so I diss the cheese that normally comes in an omelet and have a side of sliced tomatoes instead of potatoes and toast. They know I like to linger a bit, and will leave a bigger tip to reflect my “parking” on the table longer than most.

Breakfast may be my favorite meal out, which might sound curious to you if you’re not a fan. Nothing, you  might say, is easier than whipping up a scrambled egg or pouring a bowl of cereal. Even pancakes are easier these days; you can get a bag of pancake mix with everything already in, just add water. But I like getting up and out, like the early morning light and the brisk energy of people on their way to work.

Being able to get up and out the door is critical to my happiness and sense of well-being, which is why I work so hard on fitness. Yesterday I had an appointment downtown, and with lots of sun and crisp fall temperatures, I chose to walk. The half hour walk each way made my appointment two hours instead of one, but I do, after all, have the time.

4 thoughts on ““Being a Regular”

  1. Love to hear you keeping so active! 😀 Wish I still had you as my client, your an easy one….you listen, love to exercise, eat healthy..I would hardly have to do any work! Hahahaaaaaaaa

  2. for J:And I wish you were still my trainer! As a matter of fact, I still consider you that. I loved working out with you. You are a big part of my fitness today — what I learned from you, I still apply. And we had fun to boot!

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