Conscious Aging: London Dance Club

According to a piece in the Guardian an “elderly Polish couple in their 70’s”, in London to visit their grown daughter, found their way to a London club, where they drank tea and danced. They also had shots of tequila, bought with drink tickets given to them by the DJ. The club, WetYourSelf!, typically hosts a younger and hipper demographic. The couple arrived at 10pm and stayed until 5am in the morning, determined — they told the resident DJ — to experience London nightlife. By all accounts they were enthusiastically welcomed by the club manager and patrons alike. The article includes of photo of the smiling couple clearly enjoying themselves.

The story jumped out at me on a lot of levels. One, although I know that census keepers lump everyone over 65 into the category “elderly”, I bristle a bit at the “elderly couple in their 70’s” description. If they were energetic enough to get down the long stairs to the basement club, dance, and be part of the revelry until 5am, maybe they don’t quite fit our perception of the word “elderly”. Second, should it be all that remarkable that people of any age want to explore London nightlife?

When I get over being snarky about my own age and not wanting to stand out like a sore thumb in a nightclub, I do think it’s great that the couple received a warm and apparently genuine welcome.

The DJ is currently trying to track the couple down — no one got their names — to see how public they want their visit to be. That seems rather after the fact, since the story and photo are already out there.

Don’t you wonder, in passing, where the daughter was all night while her parents were clubbing? 🙂


Damien Gale, “DJ Searches for Elderly Couple who Tore It Up at Fabric Nightclub”, the Guardian, May 17, 2016.

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: London Dance Club

  1. for Frances: I know. I choke every time I read something about the “over 65 elderly” classification. And, I’d hate to think my presence in a club would be so remarkable as to prompt an article in the Guardian. Of course, the likelihood that I’d be in a club in London at 5am. isn’t very high.

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