Shout Out for Customer Service: Lydia Sanchez

Customer service in this country is almost a lost art. We’re now expected to size our own shoes, bag our own groceries, print our own stamps from a machine, and package and return purchased items that arrive in unsatisfactory condition – and often, to pay the return postage ourselves.

When we do get good service, it’s almost a surprise.

I wrote earlier this week about needing to apply for a duplicate deed to the cemetery plots I bought in Rochester’s Mt. Hope Cemetery when Jerry died. I found Lydia via Bob at McGee Monuments in Rochester, who told me to call her up and tell her what I needed.

Lydia answers her phone. She works for the City of Rochester as a customer service person for Mt. Hope Cemetery. She told me she’d need a little time to find a deed from 2002, but that she’d get right on it.

She actually did.

An electronic copy of the deed was in my email yesterday morning, less than 24 hours after I spoke with her, along with a map of the cemetery marking the spot where Jerry is buried.

Thanks, Lydia. You’re great at what you do, and I suggest you forward this blog post to your boss downtown so that he or she can see how appreciated you are.

If any readers out there join me in valuing good service, you can give a shout out to Lydia here in the Comments section. I think we improve Customer Service by showing our appreciation, whenever and wherever attentive service occurs.

8 thoughts on “Shout Out for Customer Service: Lydia Sanchez

  1. What a rarity….a human voice, no multiple menus (none of which have quite what you want), and a very prompt response. Congratulations Lydia! I wish all customer service could be like yours.

  2. I often notice that people are quick to point out poor service, but more infrequently do they take the time to applaud great service. So yes, kudos to Lydia! May you be an inspiration to all around you!

  3. for Nedra: I think you’re right. Complaints seem to roll off the tongue more easily than praise for many people. I always assume really good service comes from an inner commitment to be the best at what you do, not the oversight of a boss. So good service, to me, is always noteworthy.

  4. Way to go, Lydia. Brava. You are modeling great customer or client service and it’s a pleasure to read about your talent and work ethic.

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