Raoul’s Tests

As we continue to bask in the joy of Archie’s young life I am also monitoring the medical crisis in Gloria’s family in Rio Hato. Twenty year old Raoul has had extensive tests on his kidney function in Panama City’s San Fernando Hospital, and the results are inconclusive. The information is being sent out to a hospital in Canada for a second opinion. Raoul has gone home to be with Cianni and wait for news.

While on the nephrology unit both Raoul and his mother have seen other young people undergoing dialysis, and the prospect is deeply frightening.

Archie’s birth weight has been revised upward, and we think he was over 7 pounds 8 ounces at birth. We think he’s pretty tiny. Raoul weighed two pounds, and got no special care. The wonder is that he survived at all. That’s a tribute to Gloria’s courage in being willing to leave his side to go into Panama City and work for the money to buy formula. It’s a tribute to her mother, who cared for tiny Raoul in a village that – at the time – had neither running water nor electricity nor medical advice of any kind.

And Gloria, worried as she is, still finds the grace to be thrilled with Archie’s birth, and to send prayers for his well-being and loving congratulations on his birth to all of the Klainer/Dahlstrom clan.

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