My memoir, Good Daughter, Good Mother is available as of June 2016 and is available for order through Amazon and Seattle Book Company.

KlainerBookCoverMothers give birth. Good mothers give unconditional love, a harder and rarer thing. From the opening stories of Good Daughter, Good Mother the reader gets to know Margaret, the author’s 1950’s Irish Catholic mother, and Minga, an impoverished, dark-skinned, illiterate Panamanian woman. Both were mothers. Both loom large in the author’s identity as a daughter, a mother, and now a grandmother. Only one gave Klainer the kind of open, unreserved love she most longed for. This is a mother-daughter story in a rich and vivid context, moving from the pastel shirtwaist dresses of the 1950’s to Klainer’s crisp blue business suit of the 1980’s, from the early and sudden death of her infant sister and father to the warm embrace of Minga and her large extended family, from rosary beads that glowed in the dark to an interfaith marriage and secular family, from love withheld to love simply offered and accepted. This is a story that will appeal to mothers and daughters, to readers curious about cross-cultural friendship, and to believers in family of the heart.

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Giving CoverGiving magazine is a publication of the Ecumenical Stewardship Center. In 2013 the Center invited me to write an article on how my Peace Corps service help to shape my understanding of stewardship.